George Washington

One evening of 1732 in Virginia, I was born. My father was Augustine Washington and my mother was Mary Ball. Ever since I have been dreaming about what I would be when I grew up, so when I was ten I finally decided it: I wanted to be President of the United States of America. To fulfill that dream I began practicing with arms when I was 14. This time was difficult because when I was 11 my father died.

After many years of practice I became a soldier and later I was promoted to general. In 1787 we organized the Constitutional Convention, we defeated the British in battle and I became president of the United States of America, the first but not the last in history.

I was considered a national hero by a lot of my fellow citizens, for others, I was the greatest forger of independence. So after 67 years serving the United States of America I went back to the Lord in 1799.

Lucas G.