James Cook (‘s last diary entries)

23 January 1779

My name is James Cook and I´m the captain of two ships whose purpose was to find the Northwest Passage believed to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In all honesty, my hope is nearly gone. We´ve been sailing along the very same coasts for a few weeks now and I’m starting to get frustrated. I think that a bit of a change will do us good, so I´m taking my crew towards the south and explore.

2 February 1779

After ten days and we´ve found and explored the island of Hawaii. The islanders are very nice people and their island is great too.

10 February 1779

The relations with the islanders have soured. Today one of my vessels has been looted. I think people can appreciate how angry I am. But in order to satisfy myself, I´m going to take the local leader as hostage.

14 February 1779

The plan has gone beyond bad. There was a scuffle and I was stabbed. I´ve lost much blood and my time is running out, so this is my last goodbye to the world. I hope people remember me as an explorer and navigator of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and Australia.

Goodbye world.

Ainhoa G.