David Hume

I’m David Hume, and I was born in the city of Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 7 May 1711. I was a renowned Scottish historian, economist and essayist and I became one of the most influential figures in the Western world during the 18th century.

My philosophy was based on empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism. My main works were the “Treatise on Human Nature” and “Research on Human Understanding,” with which I increased my fame in the Europe of Enlightenment. These works were notoriously influenced by John Locke and George Berkeley, as well as several recognized French authors of the time who helped me expand my ideas in their pages.

Also, I worked very hard to create a naturalistic science of man that would examine the psychological basis of human nature itself. In my view, there was a much more central path for human beings where the answers that were being sought could be found, without the need to fall into the mistakes of the past which could only make them fall into an evolutionary setback.

I had several teachers who greatly influenced my thinking and way of seeing life and everything that is in it; among them are several students of the great Isaac Newton, as well as popular writers and poets of that time.

Xavier C.