Bombas Gens

On Saturday my family and I have been in “Bombas Gens”. It’s a new project located in Valencia.  Before the war there was a factory which made iron things like pieces, pipes and faucets, but the building wasn’t ugly outside comparing with the other industrial buildings of that time.

Carlos Gens, the owner, made a factory with a great facade with bright and inside they worked in a big space. He also was a good boss, because he took care of his employees, because they worked with iron and it isn’t good for the lungs. So after work, he gave them a litter of milk, that way they didn’t get sick.

Carlos Gens, had to go from Spain to France because during the war he could be killed, and his employees  helped him to leave.

When he returned to Spain, he opened the factory again and continued with the same production, iron. When he died, his nephews continued with the factory until 1995, that they sold it. It was abandoned for a long time being a problem for the people, because nobody cared of it.

The foundation of Jose Luis and Susana had become a place to enjoy pieces of art and they have a lot of social proyects, and for the neighborhood.It was a very nice experience and I recomend all of you visiting the place!

                                                                           Resultado de imagen de bombas gens                                                                                                                              Ainhoa.G  5ºE.P.