Today 12th of August of 2018 I visited the town «Villanueva de los Infantes» with my family.

In the church, we saw the mortal remains of «Francisco de Quevedo y Villega».

Very sick already, Francisco Quevedo settled in Villanueva de los Infantes in search of medical attention care. A cell of the Convent of Santo Domingo welcomed him until he died.

Quevedo died on September 8th, 1645 in Villanueva de los Infantes, specifically in the Convent of Santo Domingo. And, although he had shown his desire in the will to rest in the church of Santo Domingo the Real of Madrid, the parishioners of Villanueva, headed by the vicar, determined that he would be buried in the mausoleum that the Bustos family owned in the church of San Andrés Apóstol, in the city of Ciudadela. What happened later with his remains is still not entirely clear.

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Iban S.